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Freelance SEO Specialist in Jordan.

Providing strategic SEO services for organizations & individuals to help grow their online presence.

My SEO Services


Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to changes that take place behind the scenes of your website. It’s important because proper technical SEO consultation, evaluation, and optimization can help Google crawl sites and index them without any barriers.


Local & International SEO

When creating different website or expanding your store to multiple countries, it’s important to localize rather than simply translate it. That’s because keywords differ depending on language and culture.


Outreach SEO

Link building is essential for boosting a website’s domain authority. I work alongside internal PR or marketing teams to elevate your outreach/PR activities and create a comprehensive link building strategy.

Performing world-class SEO techniques, practices and trends using 25+ advanced tools and software.

Common Use Cases for SEO Specialist

Small & Medium-Sized Organizations

Small and Medium Enterprises are generally community-based, provide specialized or tailored services, have plenty of untapped opportunity around, and the bonds between a customer and their service provider are stronger. They usually focus on improving online visibility so their customers and potential customers can easily find and interact with their website.

Large Enterprise SEO

Large Enterprise SEO can be defined by the size of the company, website, complexity of the technology or teams, or by global operations. The goal is to increase visibility for the company in organic search results and align their business goals with the broader market opportunity while fortifying brand reputation to maximize impact across their marketing mix.

Are you looking for support during a transition period? Feel it’s time to bring a freelance SEO expert?
Tailored for your needs

My SEO Strategy

1. Benchmark

Complete a technical audit of your website and keyword research analysis to uncover any issues which may be holding back your website in the search engines. Benchmark current traffic levels by reviewing Google Analytics and Search Console data.

2. Analyze

Perform a competitor analysis with keyword and page URL mappings to determine which audiences and pages should be targeted. Set up keyword rank tracking to monitor how the SEO work we are implementing is helping to improve your organic rankings.

3. Strategize

Devise an ongoing SEO content strategy to determine topics that should be covered on the site pages. Review offsite SEO and draw up an ongoing strategic plans to build the presence of your website naturally online in a sustainable manner.

4. Report

Track the main SEO metrics: Organic Traffic, Conversion Rate, Backlinks Distribution, Keyword Rankings, CTR, Bounce Rate, and Domain Authority. Suggest the required actions to enhance those numbers and related KPIs for the current and new pages.